Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg

The US Supreme Court has overturned Roe vs Wade. Judaism, at least the correct form of it, holds that a woman’s health takes precedence. Other, unnamed and less enlightened religions, take the opposite view.



3 thoughts on “Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg

  1. On the surface, America seems to be heading into a black hole of restrictive policies and lack of freedom. But very largely this is being done against the will of the people, even in the red states. On both gun control and abortion, the recent supreme court decisions are contrary to majority opinion.

    This is both the problem and the hope for America. The Republican Party cannot win a majority in national elections without significantly disenfranchising large swathes of people. That they have power and influence is almost entirely down to Machiavellian tactics – closing polling stations in Democrat areas, gerrymandering with astonishing bravado, restricting postal voting – all designed to stop predominantly Democratic voters from actually voting. This is working, but only just.

    This is only being done because it is necessary. And it is becoming more and more necessary – demographic shifts are only going to help the Democrats, as can be seen already in places like Georgia. Republican power is hanging on by its fingernails. America is probably a couple of presidential elections away from getting back on track. As Sonia Sotomayor said last week, decisions like these from the supreme court won’t last for decades.


  2. If only you all believed in my religion then things would be better. Imagine believing that god is watching as sperm goes into an egg and, bang, creates a soul? Wow, you would have to be nuts to believe that. Oh yeah, there is definitely a soul though and it was definitely created by a god who controls everything and talks to people from burning bushes. Nothing mad about believing that.
    In the meantime my favourite beach is the one where god parted the waters to let my ancestors cross the Red Sea. Which really happened.


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