One thought on “Rev Dr Jim Francis, Army Chaplain.

  1. Cor, another Rev Dr! This one seems like a nice bloke. I met a few padres during my time in the MOD, and most of them were quite nice. No women, although I gather there are now some of those too.

    The default option in the military used to be that everyone was CofE, or possibly RC, or maybe even Jewish. (Atheism was, of course, not recognised). These days there are a number of imams and rabbis attached to the Armed Services, and for all I know some Moonies. What there aren’t is any humanists, despite pressure from Humanists UK for many years.

    But even if there were, is that what service people really need? All the religious succour in the world doesn’t seem to help warriors who find themselves suffering with PTSD: the recent programmes on the 40th anniversary of the Falklands War show the extent to which war trauma can affect people for the rest of their lives.

    Maybe we should be providing a battalion of PTSD-trained psychiatrists to go into battle behind all our fighting troops, instead of all the padres. At least they’d have some science to fall back on.


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