3 thoughts on “Julie Siddiqi, Co-Founder of the Jewish and Muslim Women’s network, Interfaith Specialist and Equalities Consultant

  1. “Let’s celebrate Windrush Day. My Prophet (Fantasticness Be Upon Him) wasn’t a racist – because he said so.”
    Happy Windrush Day, everyone!


  2. The link between Africa the or Caribbean and Islam is plain. It would appear that the Sultan is wearing a set of new clothes


  3. I know two nurses who came to work for the NHS from Jamaica and Malawi and gave their whole working life to it. Siddiqi is right to point out how many of them faced and still face disgraceful treatment from racist English people who have little idea of how important they were in setting up our rightly beloved NHS.
    I’m not sure how bringing Islam into the conversation helps. David Livingstone wrote about travelling Africa to break up the Arab slave trade. Sure, Bilal’s freedom from slavery was a good thing, but don’t modern day morals tell everyone that slavery is wrong and was always wrong. If so then why was it allowed for so long by Islamic and Christian cultures.


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