Very Neary Rev Hannah Malcolm, Project Coordinator God and the Big Bang Project

Judeo Christian (but not any of the other major Abrahamic religious) teaching tells us that we must look after children. If there’s one thing the Church of England is qualified to preach to you about, it’s the abuse of children. We’re experts on the subject.


4 thoughts on “Very Neary Rev Hannah Malcolm, Project Coordinator God and the Big Bang Project

  1. Judeo/Christian/and I forgot tho mention Muslim theology all tell us to look after widows and orphans. Trouble until the 1980’s at my C of E secondary they also allowed the head teacher to hit children with a stick if they (even accidentally) broke the rules. Ms Malcolm, forgive me my ignorance, but if god has been around forever why is it only recently that some of these other abuses of children have only been recognised as such and abandoned by religious institutions?
    Just asking for a (child abused by a stick wielding religious zealot) friend.


  2. Indeed, perfectly nailed above. Definitely a case of…


    it’s actually scandalous that any faith organisation, not just the C of E, should be allowed anywhere near children, and certainly not in education.


  3. Well, I suppose she gets a point for referring to an item of current news; but in addition to the hypocrisy that Paul mentions, this was an archetypal TftD.

    First, Ms Malcolm seemed incapable of saying anything meaningful about the serious issue of cared-for children except by dredging up quotes from the BBoMS. (What do these people do when they can’t find an appropriate Biblical text, or when the only ones on offer turn out to be utterly appalling, as is so often the case?) Second, she seemed incapable of suggesting what, exactly, should be done about the issue.

    It is not reasonable to expect a detailed solution to a difficult problem in less than three minutes; but if a speaker raises such an issue surely we are entitled to demand a bit more than moaning and hand-wringing. But we almost never get it.


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