5 thoughts on “Ex-Rev Canon Angela Tilby, Christ Church Cathedral Oxford

  1. Channel hopping this morning I happened to catch the end of an interview with the CEO of “Republic” on BBC1. The interviewer finished by saying that many people had written in asking when an alternative point of view will be heard, well now the alternative view had been heard for a whole five minutes. Now back to another 48 hours of talking about royal hats.


  2. “Why would god bestow the gift of being if it were not in the hope that creation would respond?” and “We can see the whole labour of evolution, the whole cultural history of humanity as a strident answer to the incredible fact that we are here at all.”
    Thought provoking stuff from Tilby, but not in the way she would hope. The initial question is of the sort that just doesn’t need to be asked. It’s like asking a child, “How would you feel if you could go and live in Peppa Pig land (or choose the favourite character from your generation of children’s literature – maybe Rupert Bear and Nutwood for Tilby). Who would answer such a question in a meaningful way? A child talking about meeting George and baby Alexander is just as real as Christians expecting to meet their maker.
    Any religious speaker who brings in mention of evolution is immediately confronted with their listener’s minds jumping to thoughts of Creationist Christians insisting that the Earth is only 6000 years old because it says so in their holy book. Admit that is what you all thought.
    Yes, it is an incredible fact that we are here at all, and it doesn’t need the even more incredible addition of a supernatural creator, thanks very much. We aren’t here becuase of a divine plan, a gift to us all of life thanks to a creator. Angela Tilby is intelligent enough to know for certain that evolution doesn’t work like that. She is trying to tag on a little reality to her delusions. In terms of how the earth system works, the gift of the life of the queen is no more important than that of a coral polyp.


  3. I doubt whether Tilby really understands the full implications of Darwinian evolution. It doesn’t involve ‘labour’ or ‘striving’ – not in the sense she means, anyway. All it amounts to is the differential survival of blind replicators. Life is absolutely not a ‘gift’, still less one that has to be reciprocated. It just is, and it may be much more common in the universe than Christians dare admit.

    I see that Boris gave a reading at yesterday’s service, which HM the Q sadly couldn’t attend (there must have been some racing on the telly). He had to read, presumably with a straight face, the passage from Philippians:

    “Whatever is true, whatever is honourable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is pleasing, whatever is commendable…think about these things”. Oh, the irony!


    1. Yes, who decided he would read a passage and then chose that one. I’d love to think it was the queen herself.


  4. Ably dismantled above, as ever.

    It is indeed incredible that we are here at all – but only if you consider the stupendous odds that must be overcome for any given person to come into existence – for an omnipotent “creator” to make it happen, surely by definition nothing needs to be overcome; there are no odds to defy, hence no work required. So any sense of awe that Angela intends to elicit can not come from any appeal to the supernatural, which of course is the entire basis for pretty much all her claims. Why should we be impressed by them when nature is almost incomprehensibly astounding enough?


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