Tina Beattie, Professor of being Catholic

And in the Big News today from a Faith Perspective, English Catholics are being asked to return to weekly mass. Mass is absolutely brilliant, but I can’t be bothered going. I discovered during lockdown that there were better things to spend your time on, like watching paint dry.



4 thoughts on “Tina Beattie, Professor of being Catholic

  1. Surely being a catholic is all about accepting heirarches of authority, unaccountable elites and obligations to the one true church? How can a bunch of clerics, who have no interest in faith being rediscovered or reimagined, be expected to keep in touch with the realities of everyday life?
    I do wonder why Beattie bothers staying with the Catholic church. What is it about this particular out of touch, unchanging, patriarchical denomination that she really likes? If worshipping god ‘is the most fundamental human vocation and duty’ then for goodness sake find one of those 45000 other christian denominations that you would really fit into. Or maybe try Islam, Hinduism, SIkhism, a Cargo cult, shamanism, etc and see if they would fulfil your supernatural sense of yearning.
    Or just give up on religion completely and follow the scientist who was on previously by getting excited about the wonders of the universe without the man-made supernatural element.


  2. I wonder how many children and young people were/are expected to go to a Catholic Mass every week, without fail, under pain of feeling profound guilt for non-attendance. Because, as I remember well, dire consequences were drummed into my friends and I for not meeting such an obligation.

    So this TftD was typical pick n’ mix, hypocritical Catholicism in all its ‘glory’. Thank goodness I ditched all this rubbish a long time ago.


  3. Well well. Who is Tina Beattie, who holds no official post in the hierarchy of the RCC, to question the instructions of the priests and bishops who are appointed into positions of authority over her? She certainly sounded hacked off with the way they exercise that authority, and indeed that they possess it in the first place. As Paul says, maybe she’d be better off somewhere else. I wonder if this TftD will earn her a stern visitation from the local parish priest, who the website of St Joseph’s Roehampton tells us is called Father Alberto Pelucchi MCCJ. Good job the Inquisition has been discontinued.

    Papa Frankie got his usual shout-out, though.


  4. In other news I read that the Pope created 10 new saints in a ceremony despite having very painful knees. I was surprised that none of these new saints had interceded on Frankie’s behalf to cure his painful joints.


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