One thought on “Rev Dr Rob Marshall, Priest at St John the Evangelist, Welwyn Garden City

  1. The Eurovision Psalm Contest! Now there’s an idea…

    I think the UK might do quite well. Many of our composers have psalm settings to their credit, from Tallis and Purcell to Elgar, Howells, Vaughan Williams, Britten and James Macmillan, not to mention all the psalm-based hymns (of highly variable quality) and the metrical settings still used in sung services.

    But we’d be up against the Germans (Schutz, Bach, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Brahms); the Italians (Palestrina, Monteverdi, Gabrieli, Vivaldi); and even the French (Josquin, Lully, Charpentier, Poulenc). Quite a challenge. At least the Russians (Rachmaninov, Stravinsky, Schnittke) have been disqualified.

    There appears to be a contemporary Ukrainian composer called Iryna Aleksiychuk, who’s also set some of the psalms. I bet she’d win.


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