2 thoughts on “Vishvapani (formerly Simon Blomfield), member of the Triratna Order (formerly the Western Buddhist Order)

  1. Only a few days ago, Vishvapani was telling us that his son had become a teenager. Assuming his son has attended a normal British school, Vishvapani cannot but be aware that all our schools bend over backwards to try to teach their pupils the virtues of tolerance, respect, and honesty. This is not because all our schools follow Vishi’s Buddhist doctrines, but because they understand the importance of civilised interactions in a civilised society.

    Would the world, including the world of social media, be a better place if we were all Buddhists? Not if you look at how Buddhists actually behave in places like Burma or Sri Lanka. The prescriptions of the Buddha didn’t get universal buy-in even around 600BCE, just as those of the Jewish heretic Christians didn’t about two millennia ago. As always, it took force and compulsion to get them into the mainstream, which rather negates the point of these supposed peaceful faiths in the first place.


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