3 thoughts on “Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg

  1. Good things happen – my faith is strengthened. Bad things happen – my faith is strengthened. Nothing happens – my faith is maintained.
    My faith is like your faith, strong and true and nothing can change that.
    Above all, the holocaust was a disgrace for humanity to look back on and learn from. Believing a particular god was involved doesn’t help.


  2. I heard or read recently that there is a subset of contemporary Judaism which holds that the IMF was indeed present during the Holocaust – and that the Holocaust was deserved punishment for the manifold sins of the Jewish people, mainly for not giving the IMF the worship and respect that it demanded.

    I find it almost impossible to comprehend this sort of worldview; but it clearly exists, even though it would be more obvious and logical to conclude that the IMF was absent, or even more obviously, didn’t exist at all. It also exists among the Islamist believers who are prepared to immolate themselves in the name of their own IMF. Truly, there can be few limits to the illusions that people are ready to sign up to, rather than consider that their beliefs might be completely without foundation.


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