2 thoughts on “Ex-Rev Canon Angela Tilby, Christ Church Cathedral Oxford

  1. The NHS has Christian roots? News to me.
    But of course, Tilby is probably one who believes that everything good in Britain has Christian roots: universal state education, charities, our human rights laws, the Red Cross, political parties and even sports teams.
    But was she hinting at a parallel between putting unthinking trust in what is an imperfect, potentially dangerous, but essential NHS and her own faith? It sounded like it initially but then she tailed off.
    There is an obvious parallel in the behaviour of some staff within both organisations not living up to the standards expected, but good health care in a modern society is essential whereas her faith is not.


  2. Indeed: this was a current news item all right, but there wasn’t a single iota of ‘faith perspective’ in Angela Tilby’s take on it, apart from the completely unevidenced assertion that the NHS has Christian roots. The pre-NHS medical institutions that did have Christian origins were hardly examples of democratic accountability or fair and open treatment of staff and patients; indeed, the CofE itself is a long way behind most contemporary organisations in this regard. ‘Pot/kettle’ is an easy criticism to make, but it’s the obvious reaction to a Thought like today’s.


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