Rev Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James Piccadilly, handy for Fortnum and Mason

What would I do?

But the question is just a way of not doing anything, unlike ThoughtsAndPrayers, Ash Wednesday and Lent.

Or making pancakes. Happy Pancake Day everybody!

4 thoughts on “Rev Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James Piccadilly, handy for Fortnum and Mason

  1. Pragmatically if I was aUkrainian in Kyiv, what I would be doing is planning to escape before the 40 mile long convoy of Russian invaders reach my city. But war is so messy, and once it starts everyone gets swept up into the chaos.
    If I was a Kyivian would I take a gun and shoot some poor teenager ignorant of Russian history from Siberia recruited into the new Soviet army? Or wave a Russian flag and pretend all is well in the hope of surviving to see my family again.
    What would Jesus do Lucy? Turn the other cheek? Take up his sword? Nobody knows, even after 2000 years of discussion.
    Luckily, as Lucy says, we can all go to church and shrive to our priests “in the compassionate presence of god.” As if that will help.
    Thanks to Stephen J P’s link to. Unherd yesterday I am now even more worried. I though Putin was just a dictatorial nationalist kleptocrat but now know he also has levels of religious fundamentalist principles too. We’re all doomed!


    1. Putin now sounds so messianic/away with the fairies, I’ve wondered at times if some Rasputin-like priest hasn’t got his ear.


  2. The AB of Cant, Tilby, Marshall, Stanley and now Winkett: five Christian spokespersons in a row, four of them Anglicans, and none of them with a Scooby about what to do, say or even think about the crisis in Ukraine. Lucy Winkett seems to imagine that the half-pagan rituals of Shroveday can magically cleanse us of ‘sin’ and set us on a path to righteousness. Dream on.

    Around 150 years ago, some of the CofE clergy were keen on what became known as Muscular Christianity. It’s rather gone out of fashion these days. Well, maybe the Poison Dwarf of the Kremlin is now reminding us of what true Muscular Christianity might really look like. Not very nice.


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