8 thoughts on “Very Nearly Rev Hannah Malcolm, project co-ordinator at God and the Big Bang, 2019 Theology Slam winner

  1. A trainee vicar lecturing us on ‘sin’ whilst seemingly talking from the bottom of a biscuit tin. On a respected national news programme. And we’re supposed to take this seriously? This was embarrassing.


  2. Indeed it was.

    The great advantage of blaming everything that goes wrong on ‘sin’ is that you can toddle along to Sunday service, confess your ‘sins’ and say sorry, and walk out feeling you’re ‘forgiven’. So that’s all OK for the next seven days. And the ‘grace’ when things go well is, of course, not down to you at all.

    Do trainee priests receive accurate instruction on issues such as who actually wrote the contents of the BBoMS, when, and why? If not, why not? If so, why do they never tell their flock?

    (I’m not expecting an answer. I think we can guess what the answer might be).


  3. This is the curriculum of the London Theological College- https://lst.ac.uk/home/courses/undergraduate-programs/theology/curriculum/
    It includes “ …a shared matrix reference to the Bible – experience, tradition, reason, and community. Reason?? And lots of prayer, apparently. Whoopee. That will help everyone.
    With reference to Malcolm’s piece, we know about climate change because of reasoned study of evidence which has been piling up over recent years. We’ve had the bible, the New bit anyway, for 2000 years and we still don’t know what the Signs of the Times are, or when ‘soon’ is in relation to “I will return soon.”
    If anyone religious could provide an answer, or any evidence, for that then I would be impressed but I’m not going to pretend, like Malcolm does, that god’s grace is the reason the trees toppled in storm Eunice will regrow.


  4. We’ll soon reach ‘G’ in the list of storm names – would Storm Grace cause the Very Nearly Rev some doctrinal discomfort?
    This TFTD was indeed “from a faith perspective” (normally, people don’t link sin with climate change – why would they?) but Graham’s “embarrassing” is on the nose… so keep ’em coming, Beeb!


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