6 thoughts on “Catherine Pepinster, professional Catholic

  1. Followed by a doctor expressing his empathy for the disturbed youth who’d almost knifed him to death. And not a mention of religion. It’s almost like these things are basic human instincts and not dependent upon religion at all.

    And mentioning ‘giving’, hopefully Rev Dr Peter will forgive me if I give a link to my favourite Humanist charity… https://ugandahumanistschoolstrust.org/


  2. It becomes boringly repetitive to have to point out that none of the human virtues, including charity, was invented by Christians; and plenty of people today practise charitable giving without being told by any BBoMS that they ought to, in order to gain ‘eternal life’.

    Graham’s charity is indeed doing good work, and it is encouraging that it has been allowed to continue to do so by the Ugandan authorities for so long. Meanwhile, the CofE plans to let foreign bishops vote on who should be the next AB of Cant, presumably including the bishops in Uganda who not long ago were calling for the death penalty for homosexuality, without receiving so much as a rebuke from Welby or his predecessors. Many of the African members of Pepinster’s sect are no better. Generosity is important, but basic human rights are even more so.


    1. These Humanist schools are flourishing, because they produce better results than the local religious schools. Ironically the inverse of what we find in the UK.


      1. Interesting; thank you. We could do with some Humanist schools here, although the vested interests represented by the faith schools would no doubt try to strangle them at birth.


      2. Faith schools use unfair selection processes to keep out problem children and thus appear to be more successful in the UK. Humanists UK says “Faith school populations are often far from representative of their local communities – for example, they admit far fewer children eligible for free school meals.”


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