Scintillatingly Rev and non-female Philip North, Bishop of Burnley and not Bishop of Sheffield

Ukraine: war or peace? We’re powerless, as are many Ukrainians. Jesus tells us we’re not powerless. Jesus tells us we have the power to love the Russian army.

2 thoughts on “Scintillatingly Rev and non-female Philip North, Bishop of Burnley and not Bishop of Sheffield

  1. It has to be said (through gritted teeth) that the Russians have a point. Ukraine – or at any rate the Eastern half – was part of Russia for centuries; indeed, both countries like to trace their origins back to the 9th century state of ‘Kievan Rus’. Crimea was transferred from Russia to Ukraine only in 1954. For a parallel to Ukraine joining NATO, imagine that an independent Scotland suddenly announced that it hoped to join the Warsaw Pact (admittedly this no longer exists, but I wouldn’t expect the SNP to have noticed). I think we in England might get a trifle agitated about that.

    But the position certainly doesn’t warrant Russian aggression; and nor does it merit Philip North’s solution, which seems ultimately to point towards outright pacifism. Neither the IMF nor its temporarily visible third part has done much to help solve the crises of the past, and they’re certainly nowhere to be seen in the present one.


  2. Well stated, StephenJP. I had thought of a parallel too – the Cuban missile crisis of the early ‘60s. The US discomfort was perfectly understandable and so were the ultimatums. Russia doesn’t want NATO on its doorstep, and this has been played down by western media.

    The Bishop is wrong about the ‘powerlessness’ of the Ukrainian people. As I’ve observed in many reports, they are either preparing practically to defend any incursion into their homeland, or are expressing their doubts that an invasion is imminent by simply going about their daily business regardless. Both stances are far from being ‘powerless,’ quite the opposite.

    So, I’m afraid I didn’t really get Bishop North’s ‘faith perspective,’ this morning. He was quite wrong to state that Jesus was ‘born in destitution,’ as there is nothing in his BBoMS to substantiate that. So if he doesn’t really know his own scriptures he really ought not to be blathering away on TFTD, especially if he’s going to spout such fantasies as ‘the self-giving love’ of Jesus is ‘the most powerful thing in the whole of the Universe.’ What on earth (literally) can that possibly mean? Or, that that ‘powerful thing’ ‘began a movement that changed the World through love’? If he means the Christian religion and it’s churches then he has been viewing that world through some particularly rosy spectacles.

    It’s all ‘Vicar speak,’ of course; the sort of unthinking nonsense delivered from pulpits Sunday by Sunday. Certainly not worthy of three minutes airtime on the Today programme. Nul points.


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