One thought on “Very Nearly Rev Hannah Malcolm, project co-ordinator at God and the Big Bang, 2019 Theology Slam winner

  1. We rightly object when religious authorities try to interfere in politics, so we should do the same when the boot is on the other foot. This man seems to have been kept under house arrest for nearly two decades for refusing to excommunicate 3000 of his followers. Freedom of religion is an important part of secular democracy, and its denial is wrong wherever it takes place.

    The situation is not, however, made any easier by the apparent willingness of some in the Eritrean Orthodox Church to cooperate with their government. This is not unlike the slavish support given to Putin by the Russian Orthodox Church and its leader, the disgusting Patriarch Kirill (invited to the UK by Welby, to his everlasting discredit, who even made the Queen shake his bloodstained hand).

    Religions should not have any privileges in a free society; but nor should secular authorities try to tell them what to do, provided they stay within the law and don’t exploit the vulnerable. I wonder if our Government will bother to say anything about this report from a far-off country, about which most people know nothing.


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