Chine McDonald, professional Christian

Online romantic fraud is in the news. Really, it is. Imaginary love from some pretend character is just terrible. This reminds me of Jesus. Oh, Jesus, well I wasn’t going to mention him but now that he’s come up…

7 thoughts on “Chine McDonald, professional Christian

  1. The new Netflix documentary The Bible Swindler is about an Israeli, alias Jebus Crust, who persuades gullible people to follow him by pretending that he can do miracles and that by following him they can achieve everlasting life.
    This morning on Radio 4, one of the women who have been taken in by the con artist was given 3 minutes to discuss her problems. Her message was testament to the suspension of disbelief that drives so much of the religious world.
    It is hard to feel sorry for those who have fallen for the scam when so much of what they are told by the con artists has been discredited over recent times, but one has to realise that people like Jebus and his acolytes have been preying on human sensibilities for centuries and have refined their techniques. Many of those drawn in have been swindled out of huge amounts of time and money or been abused by other followers but then allow the con artists to cover up their crimes.
    Hopefully people will watch the documentary and identify with the victims in order to escape from the clutches of such con artists, but this morning’s offering from Ms McDonald makes you think there is little hope.

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    1. Perfect riposte, PaulT. Little to add, except to note Chine McDonald’s assertion towards the end, that only the faithful, with their “gifts of the spirit”, have enough joy, peace, patience, etc to tell the true from the false and the genuine from the fake. Most of the time, the exact opposite is the case, and faith is virtually synonymous with unworldly credulousness.


  2. Top marks, PaulT.
    I can’t decide if this TFTD was ‘religio-babble’ or ‘godly wafflecock’. If a believer wants to argue this to be a false dichotomy, maybe they could explain how the “gifts of the spirit” helped them to reach that conclusion.


    1. McDonald recently wrote a book about racism in the church. One would hope that someone who is able to spot the ludicrous ability of a religious organisation to be a moral arbiter whilst at the same time being institutionally racist would be able to see that she has been led up a path of supernatural fantasy by those same people. Apparently not.
      No wonder some humans desperate for love fall under the spell of scammers professing love but offering only false hope.


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