Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, Movement Rabbi at the Movement for Reform Judaism

Generation Z expect high standards and transparency from their leaders. Leaders such as tst, tst, tst and what’s his name, and also, you know who. Therefore the Invisible Magic Friend, Moses and religion in general.


4 thoughts on “Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, Movement Rabbi at the Movement for Reform Judaism

  1. Yes, Ms Janner-Klausner, unless your leader happens to be your deity – in which case, nothing less than unquestioning absolute fealty and obedience is acceptable – sounds exactly like North Korea, in fact…


  2. An indigestible, if not inedible, word salad of epic (Biblical?) proportions. My head’s still banging.


  3. Let’s take Ms Janner-Klausner’s thesis at face value, and accept that we need to be more collegiate and pay attention to everyone’s opinions, including those of the 9 to 24-year-olds belonging to ‘Gen Z’. And let’s ignore for the moment the issues that would raise for the running of almost any institution or enterprise, from schools to hospitals to multinational companies.

    The question is: can Janner-Klausner point to a single religion where deference to age and authority are not baked into dogmas, doctrines, rituals and rules? Despite all her fine words about new forms of leadership, that is certainly not the case for Judaism: the fact that she had to scrabble around to dredge up that ridiculous legend about Moses illustrates the point.


  4. In the Rabbi’s BBoMS, Moses had problems with the complaining masses (“They want free food & water? Are they never satisfied?”). Such problems ain’t so big when an IMF can pooof anything into existence at any time.
    Mind you, if Moses wrote the tale (he didn’t), is it any surprise he’s the one with the magic stick & a hot-line to the IMF?
    I’m not sure how that links to a modern 9-year-old’s expectations but, well, this is TFTD.


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