The Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

The Boy Who Drew Auschwitz: A Powerful True Story of Hope and Survival

“Holocaust education is a moral imperative, because it is not simply about understanding the past. It provides a harrowing lesson on what happens to a society when hatred and prejudice go unchallenged.”

One thought on “The Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

  1. For once, one cannot but agree with the Chief Rabbi, and with Peter’s gloss. It is distressing that fewer people each year seem to understand or even know about the Holocaust, despite the efforts of survivors such as those featured across the media today.

    But this goes along with ignorance about our recent history more generally. A worrying number of people seem to think that WW2 was a matter of England versus Germany. If pressed, they might recall that the US were involved, for instance on D-Day. But I would bet that most people in this country have no notion of the course of the war in the Middle or Far East, or Africa, or the crucial – indeed, dominant – role the Soviet Union played in the defeat of Nazi Germany; or what the aftermath of that campaign meant for the peoples of Eastern Europe, and why that matters today.

    Continuing to educate the next generation about the Holocaust is important, but it’s not the only priority. All of us – not just schools – have a responsibility to do what we can to tell the truth about the past so that we might be able to do better in the future.


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