5 thoughts on “Ex-Rev Canon Angela Tilby, Christ Church Cathedral Oxford

  1. I won’t put up a link, but Dim Stanley claims in the Telegraph that the anger over the parties is due to the left just waiting for something they can hang on the hated Johnson.


  2. Mmm. I’m doing TFTD tomorrow, I wonder what is at the top of the list of moral issues available to talk about? Starvation in Afghanistan, military build ups in Eastern Europe, the portent of enormous heating bills for the nation’s poorest? No, I’ll go for long Covid and make it as woolly as possible.
    Given items in the news she might at least have linked her “Offer it up” discussion to give a hint to Boris about whether to resign or not. Or is being witty beyond TFTD’s remit?
    If Tim Stanley thinks that it is just the left waiting for something they can hang on Boris then he clearly isn’t interested in considering Boris’s morals, which is a surprise given his usual “do as Christianity says” preachings. I’m pleased to see several Tories aren’t of Tim’s ilk and are clearly willing to speak their minds.


  3. Item in the news? Long Covid. OK, I guess, especially since I think I read somewhere that Angela Tilby may have (had) it.

    Faith-based perspective? “We don’t know what to do about it, so offer it to the IMF”. The science-based perspective would be “We don’t yet know what to do about it, but we’re working on it”. And they are.

    It’s not even clear what “offering it to God” is meant to achieve. The IMF isn’t going to do anything about it, that’s for sure. The implication was that it’s a form of worship, a way of saying “You’re so mighty and merciful, and I’m so weak and pitiful”. Perhaps that makes the person doing the offering feel better. It’s not very persuasive, though.


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