Ex-Rev Canon Angela Tilby, Christ Church Cathedral Oxford

Desmond Tutu was a heroic Anglican. You don’t get many heroic Anglicans, so forgive me if we go on about him. Which brings me to polity, law, rules, Richard Hooker’s The Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity (I knew reading this would come in useful one day), purpose, justice, forgiveness, society and many, many other fine words.


3 thoughts on “Ex-Rev Canon Angela Tilby, Christ Church Cathedral Oxford

  1. There seems to be a faulty syllogism struggling to emerge from this morning’s Thought, along the lines:

    P1: Richard Hooker was a cleric in the CofE;
    P2: Hooker influenced later writers about law, justice, politics, equity, etc.
    C: the CofE invented modern ideas about law, justice, politics, equity, etc.

    If Angela Tilby is really interested in justice and equity, not to mention good governance and decent behaviour in high places, she should have a word with her former colleagues on the Governing Body of Christ Church, who have been trying to get rid of the Dean (the Head of the College) for over three years; have run up legal bills of over £3m; had bequests to at least the same value withdrawn; are being investigated by the Charities Commission; and have been accused by the Chancellor of the University, Chris Patten, of bringing the entire institution into disrepute. I doubt whether even Desmond Tutu would have been capable of sorting this mess out.


    1. She could also ask her bosses if the Smyth investigation’s findings will ever be published, and why Welby consented to him being quietly shipped off to Africa when he already knew about his abusive record .


  2. It would be hard to better Bishop Harries’ 3 minute tribute to Desmond Tutu yesterday; and Angela certainly didn’t. In fact, ‘Desmond Tutu’s politics were based in polity…’ was really all we learned about the man. Ange then used this as a springboard for a tedious ‘Open University’ style piece on Hooker (of the five volumes) et al, and StephenJP has ably dissected this above.

    So, if this qualifies as ‘a person or story in the news from a faith perspective,’ then it was tenuous, to say the least, and dull. At one point Angela mentioned the injustice of rules that prevented people being who they were (or what they were for); and I thought of all those rules – largely based in Ms Tilby’s faith – that have restricted, oppressed, and even persecuted certain people or sectors of society from fulfilling their potential, or living their normal lives. Women and homosexuals are the obvious categories, but there have been many others; some are only now beginning to feel accepted (people with disabilities or mental illness), and there is still damage to repair, particularly in many African countries, in areas to which Tutu’s influence evidently did not extend. Angela chose not to expand on this, but that would have spoiled her neatly rounded conclusion.


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