4 thoughts on “Vishvapani (formerly Simon Blomfield), member of the Triratna Order (formerly the Western Buddhist Order)

  1. “How coincidental that you non-Triratna Buddhists arrived at the same conclusion as us Triratna Buddhists did about being a nice, moral, sensible person with a fulfilling life. I mean, it’s almost as if Triratna Buddhism is utterly superfluous”.


  2. Where’s the magic?
    This was mostly sensible stuff about not being greedy & not over-indulging – sounds good to me.
    Buddha gets a mention but that’s because Buddhism gets ‘formerly Simon’ the Buddhist onto TFTD.


      1. I’m pretty sure many Buddhist sects don’t believe in Gods, making them atheists. They still believe in magic though so that’s all right; allowing them access to the three minutes of prime airtime unchallenged.


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