Staggeringly Revd Nicholas Baines, Bishop of Leeds, West Yorkshire, the Dales and any other bits that can’t afford their own bishop any more

Dozens of people died in the Channel, trying to create a better life for themselves. The Invisible Magic Friend loved each and every one of them, but not enough to save them.

8 thoughts on “Staggeringly Revd Nicholas Baines, Bishop of Leeds, West Yorkshire, the Dales and any other bits that can’t afford their own bishop any more

  1. This is perhaps an appropriate time to thank the Rev Dr Peter for posting the links to all the Thoughts so promptly, come rain or shine, hell or high water. It is much appreciated, but not appreciated often enough.

    And he’s said all that really needs to be said about today’s offering. Everyone (‘of all faiths or none’) must empathise with those mourning the poor people who were drowned in the Channel yesterday. It’s pretty well hard-wired into us. And all that Bishop Baines has to offer, from his ‘Judeo-Christian tradition’, is to say that the IMF loves them all. After two (or three) thousand years of incessant natural disasters, that line is wearing a bit thin.


  2. @StephenJP – I heartily concur with your timely thanks to Rev Peter. Whether anyone feels moved to comment or not, the link as you say is always there, usually accompanied by a pithy précis which stimulates further comment. Thank you Rev P for continuing to maintain this valuable opportunity (for there is no other) to make a response to TFTD.

    Your comment (StephenJP) on today’s woeful offering is also spot on. The old saw about the IMF loving everyone, knowing all his people etc etc is tedious and meaningless, just like the rest of Baines’ three minutes today. He might as well not have bothered.


  3. I too would like to echo my thanks for this site’s existence and support – and Dr Peter’s continued efforts and precis comments.

    Also agree with the comments above.

    The ‘all faiths and none’ rings hollow sometimes. Atheists generally seem able to offer condolences, show empathy and provide practical support without the need of an IMF.

    In contrast some [not all] of the trolls online (whose behaviour I not only deplore but cannot understand) seem to come from the religious right.

    The IMF of the various religious groups seems very capricious – favouring those (or at least this is claimed) who use the ‘correct’ form of sycophancy and easily taking offence from others who differ in their approach (which I guess covered many of those poor folk in that boat**) — not really a very ‘grown up’ role model.

    ** On the premise that the IMF – against all evidence – is capable of action, and this wasn’t a accident of nature or human misadventure.


  4. Thank you everyone for your kind words and appeciation. After 14 years of doing this it can sometimes be a struggle to force myself to listen to yet another “thought” for the day, and I do occasionally think about throwing in the towel.

    Your words of encouragement should keep me going for another year or two.


    1. I’m late to the party but my thanks & appreciation to Rev Dr Peter for this entertaining alternative to TFTD’s general drabness (oh for dear Lionel Blue).


  5. Yes the flattest thing in the world is not Norfolk but what is constantly offered in Thought for the Day by wandering Bishops sick Sikhs Galllic girl clerics Krishna kitschies and some who might ad well be witches in dog collars. It is indeed a struggle to not fall asleep and miss them all together. But on the other hand I have found the reactions of people on this site more than enough stimulation to go on enduring the rough and the smooth in pseudo religion and will, keep right on to the end of any road.


  6. It’s the only place where fake Hinduism is delivered in the tone of Ian Paisley and Tsa Tsa Gabor reincarnate tries to advise you about your religion and not hers and bishops tell stories as tall as their mitres about what they read in the news. Is Thought For The Day the dullest thing since ditchwater and need we heed John Humphries who said it was totally boring. There is not good or bad but thinking made it so. Well theres always the Daily Service or Breakfast TV…


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