3 thoughts on “Catherine Pepinster, professional Catholic

  1. I dont really know what outright monarchism on the part of Catholics really drives at. I cant think how Athelstan became so popular in the poll that Pepinster mentioned and dont understand his relevance to her general thrust. I suppose that no one should be mean about the Queen given her age and present fatigue but would it not be fitting to mention how being a Catholic still bars you from ever marrying the Royal family and that the Queen can hardly stand alongside the Pope as an example of a worthy absolute monarch of sorts. The comparison is another tenuous link forever offered by these contributors. Incidentally the Tablet a journal once edited by her is not what it once was. It has succumbed to the drivel.demon since the virus and the enthronement of the new pontiff.


  2. This riff on kingship contained quite a few dubious assertions. It is doubtful that any British people, except a few clerics, have ever taken their ideas of kingship from the mythical monarchs of the BBoMS (apart, possibly, from Herod…) Nor is it really the case that we value our leaders more highly if they show themselves to be vulnerable; indeed, one sniff of weakness and the vultures start gathering, as they have done since the days of the many Anglo-Saxon kings who were less adroit than Athelstan.

    Pepinster made much of the Festival of Christ the King, as if it was a solemn occasion hallowed by time. It turns out to have been invented by Pope Pius in 1925, and picked up by the CofE in the 70s. Clearly the Church had a spare weekend to fill between Halloween and Advent.

    And as Jason says, it’s not clear why Pepinster should care about the monarchy, especially since (in the eyes of fervent Catholics) they are surely illegitimate anyway. She should stick to worrying about the soul of that other fervent Catholic, King Boris.


    1. Yes I could write a sheaf about the dubiety of the Feast of Christ the King .Do you know that words about the Kingship of Jesus are on the lips of Spanish extremists regularly and that the full name of the political movement led by the notorious Belgian fascist collaborator Leon Degrelle was actually Christus Rex. He used to write letters to the Pope trying to justify why he fought on Hitlers side.
      Suffice it to say that Jesus while on earth did not want to be crowned with many crowns either. He made His own way from crowds who wanted to make him king and He said to Pilate His kingdom was not of this world. The Church has renegued on his statements and treats monarchs sonetimes in the manner which probably caused the Civil War but do you know also the old habit never died because Oliver Cromwell was offered the crown too? Kinquering Kongs their titles take…a cat may look at a queen…for some reason.


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