8 thoughts on “Jasvir Singh, Chair of the City Sikhs Network, Co-chair of Faiths Forum 4 London

  1. You can hear and view these illogical leaps in nearly everything the Sikhs and contributors to Thought for the Day say. BBC Religion and Multifaithism practically run on such. I take your point but satire has to be read alongside criticism of what is so wrong and deficient in the thoughts containing said illogicality and in more than enough cases fabrication and falsehood. Do you know the saying Error has no rights?


  2. “The climate needs help. My Guru says you can’t take it with you. I rest my case.”
    Keep ’em coming, Beeb.


    1. Yes I cannot get my head around them treating an inanimate book like a living person needing a fly whisk and broadcasting constantly that they serve beans and chips in their gurdwaras. I am grateful that we hear nothing from Hardeep Singh Kohli in this slot as he has done irreparable damage to the cause of his own religion and of Christanity when he used to be bussed in to Good Morning Sunday. There are Sikhs and there are sick jokes like his approach to culture and religion. Pereat.


  3. The Guru said “You can’t take it with you, mate.”
    The man went away amazed at this remarkable insight.
    Other needle idioms available are:
    He’s not the sharpest needle in the pin cushion.

    I got the needle from my friends after complaining about compulsory vaccination.

    Looking for a useful life lesson whilst listening to TFTD is like searching for a needle in a large pile of black plastic wrapped hay bales.


  4. Pretty well all philosophies, religious or not, have come to the conclusion that you can’t take it with you. Most religions seem to need some carefully constructed tale to get the point across, like today, but their adherents usually get there in the end.

    The question, therefore, should be: what do we do with it while we’re here? Use it to help the poor and the vulnerable, like Jasvir’s mythical merchant? Sell all you have and give it to the poor, as the Jesus character is made to say? Are these remotely realistic options when the entire planet is under threat, especially when the end object is to secure a place in paradise for the individual after they’ve popped their clogs? Even to pose the question is to illustrate how inadequate are the nostrums peddled on TftD to the problems of the real world.


    1. PS: still no word on what the Faiths Forum 4 London, embodied as it is in the person of its Co-chair, thinks should be done about the issue.


      1. Yes and week by week more recitation of the Sikh worthies…I dont think these forums stand for anything but allowing us to hear about the questionable version of history these minority faiths believe in. The only film where Sikhism seemed remotely interesting was Bhowani Junction and it was all down to the beauty of Ava Gardner playing an Anglo Indian. Nothing to do with turbans miniature knives and everyone called Singh like the Australian philosophers called Bruce in Monty Python. The Sikh name was almost a cliche for subcontinental boys in Billy Bunter. Jainism has a completely outmoded cosmology so how may Sikhism its neighbouring faith deal with climate change? Yoga is not completely accurate about neurology but says you might travel to other planets if our own becomes uninhabitable but are we to now accept that Hinduism knew of spaceships and travel through the cosmos by them. Sounds like another fringe thinker who was all the rage at one time of day but he had nothing to say about climate change either. Is he dead.now and was God an astronaut?


  5. Couldn’t really see the point of his ‘can’t take it with you’ point. The issues over climate change revolve around how humans can/must change in order to conserve resources, plus actively restoring habitats, and cleaning up plastic waste etc. A lot of money may need to be spent, but it probably amounts to more than the combined fortunes of some of today’s multi-billionaire, who are largely already doing ‘good stuff’ with their wealth anyway.

    Jasvir has stuck his pin (needle) a bit wide of the mark – it’s almost as though he couldn’t quite find a Guru story to fit, but pulled this one out as a close second.


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