Fearsomely Reverend James Jones, ex-Lord Bishop of Liverpool and Bishop of Prisons

There’s been a tragedy somewhere. I’m the bishop they wheel out whenever there’s a tragedy. I have a voice that permanently sounds as if it’s about to break down.

Some people want to shut people up, to shut them out, to de-legitimise their opinions. But what of freedom of speech? what of civil discourse?

No you may not reply to this.


4 thoughts on “Fearsomely Reverend James Jones, ex-Lord Bishop of Liverpool and Bishop of Prisons

  1. Shock, horror on TFTD! Member of religious cult admits that, “Some will say, different religions have, down the ages, betrayed their own beliefs through their merciless dealings with one another. And they are right. So much of the strain in this world [he should have said Western and Middle Eastern world] is still down to tensions between and amongst Muslims, Jews and Christian [could easily have added Hindus etc here], even though, paradoxically, all three confess a faith in a god of mercy,” but gives no clue, except for quoting a secular playright from 1600s England, how to change that.
    So why does he get a spot on national radio to speak on behalf of one of the three Religions of the Apocalypse without being able to give any religious answer to the conundrum?
    All three of those named religions have used the “outlaw, rather than outwit their opponents,” way of dealing with any dissent against, or doubt about, their IMF’s message and existence. And that will always be so because there is no logical argument for their existence.
    I am proud that Britain was slowly seeing the disappearance of religious influence and religious intrusion into people’s lives, but even writing something like this anti-religion comment will put you at risk from the Islamist sects that are growing among those who try and live their secular and religious lives peacefully.
    Who is going to put their head above the barrier to stand up to religious extremism if what happened to MPs Amess and Cox is the possible outcome?


    1. Yes, well said Paul. But for some reason he didn’t get round to mentioning what the three monotheistic religions have done, and at least one of which still does, to those who don’t accept any of their delusions.

      Atheism is now respectable, and in places the default, in much of Europe. But try proclaiming your atheism in the Middle East, or most of Africa or Central America, or middle USA, and see where it gets you. Does James Jones even understand the seriousness and commitment with which many of us hold our views? He shows little sign of it.


  2. I never understood him even when he was first given the mitre. He tried to convince a whole room that the Lord expelled racism from the Temple rather than money changers and animals. This was in the days of the riots and the statute called Clause 28. I think over involvement with the Hillsborough tragedy has not brightened his witness for the cause of Chfist. All that preceded him is now rightly forgotten Derek and David trying to unite what was never really apart and ride round factories in little carts demanding jobs for the boys when there were none. They seemed oblivious to racism until it blew their fantasies away. I cant remember whether either of them contributed to Thought but they set up a precedent for inclusive silliness that is still with plenty of modernists.


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