5 thoughts on “Akhandadhi Das, a Vaishnav Hindu teacher and theologian

  1. The fake is laughable with his usual array of verbose quotations from Hindu Scripture that he does not really understand and the bare fact that Indian religious practice and failure to observe lockdown actually caused the transmission of the Indian variant. So much for Hinduism karma or anything else.


  2. “Don’t do nothing. Do something. My BBoMS tells us this so my version of IMF-ism isn’t as wrong as you doubters think.”
    By comparison, Master Yoda said “Do. Or do Not. There is no try.” (Star Wars, Episode 5). His insight relates to pandemics and rugby – truly wise is he.


  3. Fatalism for libertarians – the free market will sort out our problems.
    Fatalism for the religious – there is no point in health and safety as god will decide what happens to us. See https://academic.oup.com/her/article/27/6/1043/658084# for research in that area.
    Any ideology that stops you from behaving reasonably because you think nothing can be changed is dangerous. Religions often provide the way for people living unfulfilling lives, such as alcoholics, to change that. But if you replace one set of dangerous beliefs with another then where is the benefit.


  4. I’m thinking of making some fortune cookies later. I must get hold of the Collected Slogans of the Bhagavad Gita to make sure I’ve got plenty of material.

    The one kernel of truth in what Das said today was that, according to his notion of karma, ‘things happen for a reason’. They certainly do; and if you take the idea of causation to its logical conclusion, you suddenly find that you’ve argued free will out of existence.

    Not going to go there today; but almost all contemporary philosophers agree that the Christian concept of ‘free will’, according to which at any point of thought or action you could always have done something different, is untenable.


    1. There’s no choice we have to accept free will and other such conundrums. What he calls enigmatic parts of the Bhagavad-Gita .There is apparently as much blessing in action as non action. Krishna declares that all fires in every shrine burn for his sake .


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