6 thoughts on “Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, Movement Rabbi at the Movement for Reform Judaism

  1. “Judaism, with its extraordinary post hoc foresight, says that anyone uncomfortable with having a gender identity label unthinkingly slapped on them by the overly presumptuous or ignorant should call it out – especially when those ‘CIS-gender’ people are guilty of it”.


  2. Janner-Klausner makes a good point from personal experience in her thought. Her own child understands what they feel about their own body and those feelings override what their own family’s religious texts tell them to believe.
    If, as Janner-Klausner says, someone has a lack of knowledge which deserves to be responded to with patience and kindness then I am happy to talk to her about how supernatural religious beliefs (or other similar modern conspiracy theories such as Jewish cabals running the world) can twist people towards hatred.
    So if I go to a synagogue and openly challenge the tenets of Judaism, which is based on writings based on oral traditions from hundreds of years ago and based on a supernatural understanding of the world rather than reality, would I be treated with patience and kindness?
    If I went to a mosque in Iran and suggested that, perhaps, Allah doesn’t exist and that Mohammed didn’t actually receive messages from god but just made that all up, would I be treated with patience and kindness?
    If I went to an evangelical church in the USA and suggested that Jesus probably didn’t exist, that the earth is over 4.5 billion years old and that humans evolved from earlier primates, would I be treated with patience and kindness?
    Probably not.


    1. I can only agree with you, PaulT. All the gushing professions of liberalism on the part of the faithful; their eagerness to tell us that the faith has changed – or was indeed right all along, only mis-interpreted – fall at the first fence; they do not hold when the spotlight is turned in their direction.


      1. It may be that we hear too much representation of liberal and amoral views from Reform Judaism because Orthodox Jewry is not permitted to be as public about teaching and divinely ordained ethics. An exception I think to all this was Jonathan Sacks but certainly the recent over exposure of anarchic thinking such as that of this misguiding and misguided woman teacher falls in only with the disastrously inferior spirituality cultivated daily in Thought For The Day.


  3. PaulT has it right. One might add that Rabbi Janner-Klausner’s binary division of options into hatred vs. lack of knowledge doesn’t cover all the possibilities. For instance, Prof Kathleen Stock, with whom the Rabbi started today’s ‘Thought’, is neither ignorant nor motivated by hatred: instead, she articulates a point of view which is deemed oppressive by the self-appointed commissars of trans activism. Patience and kindness don’t get a look-in.

    Just about the only faith-based perspective that made an appearance this morning was the way in which traditional Judaism manages to divide people into a number of illustrative classes. There appears to be no discussion of whether these classes are relevant, or appropriate, or whether others are available. It’s not the first time we have heard TftD presenters taking pre-packaged ideas from their religious traditions and distorting reality in order to fit it into them. As the old saying goes, if the only tool you have is a hammer, every issue looks like a nail.


  4. My own response is to say Show me a transgendered person in the pages of the Bible. Read what God says about men who lie with men or even men who dress as women in lines that also talk about abomination. Refresh yourself with what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah and what Paul enumerates as the signs of a truly decadent and godless society. Just turn to the beginning of the Bible and time itself and read that God made man in His image and that male and female created He them. As for children asking questions about the Passover why do Jews never admit
    that there are at least two different stories about what happened when they left Egypt. Indeed some scholars can find no evidence outside the Bible that the Jews ever went there much less were enslaved as they would have Passover eaters know. Finally the nearest person to a surgically operated transgendered person is found with the Ethiopian and he was black and became a baptised Christian from reading a passage in Isaiah which Jews still insist refers to their nation and not to Jesus Himself.


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