12 thoughts on “Vishvapani (formerly Simon Blomfield), member of the Triratna Order (formerly the Western Buddhist Order)

  1. All I can say is that this man with his alias is as welcome to genuine Buddhists as Hitler would be at a bar mitzvah. I cannot agree with him at all that Buddhism is not about meditation but about giving to others and at a complete tangent vaccinating the world. Was all the point of Gautama so materialistic and carnal as this presumes? I think not and I resent his return and the complete misinterpretations that he sends out every time he speaks. Surely the slot should find a worthier representation of this Eastern system than this half baked prattling and beating around the Bo tree.


  2. There can hardly be a listener to the BBC who is not yet persuaded that it would be a good idea to vaccinate the world, but if there are any waverers, they would surely be turned off by that farrago of pseudo-philosophy .

    @Jason, the Triratna Buddhist Order was founded by a man named Dennis Lingwood in 1967. It is apparently quite popular, although it has (or had) a rather sleazy reputation for sexual shenanigans. More here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triratna_Buddhist_Community


  3. Anything goes in anything goes out
    Visvapani old pyjamas
    Mutton beef or trout

    Bring on the skating vicar.

    Why Thought for the Day turns Today into s bad episode ov Monty Python.


  4. I’ve been a devotee of the Velvet Underground since my schooldays in the 60s. Their music and lyrics had a profound effect on my teenage years. I was, then, excited and interested by the piece about the group this morning, which immediately preceded TFTD.

    As a consequence I wasn’t really in a frame of mind to unravel the torrent of drivel that Vish came up with. I gave up at the point where we were told it is better to open the thatch and let the rain in than sit alone in our homes…. Yeah, sure; I’ll bear that in mind.

    Thanks to those above who took the trouble to analyse today’s offering.


    1. Yes believe me you’ll derive more Spirit from the Velvet Underground and Nicos beauty than any of the rubbish propagated by Visvapani and his bunch of Buddhistic dharma bums. You were wise to forget any of his fakery and well to recall,the far more inspiring pop music of a certain age. Beware of anyone telling you that the Moody Blues sang about Buddhism. Just what you want to be you will be in the end. It was deep as drug induced stupor. Ditto with much of Simon Blomfield to call the fake his real name.


      1. Yes I was a little worried about using the phrase but Jack Kerouac was not though his novel was more sympathetic to Buddhism of the cult kind than I will ever be. Sorry .


  5. As Jason says, the Moody Blues didn’t sing about Buddhism but they did ask a question that TFTD presenters fail to answer about their gods.
    “ Why do we never get an answer,
    When we’re knocking at the door,
    With a thousand million questions,
    About hate and death and war”.
    But Justin Hayward must have been thinking about Thought for the Day when he followed that up with –
    “But in the grey of the morning
    My mind becomes confused
    Between the dead and the sleeping
    And the road that I must choose”
    Anyone can tell you vaccinations are a good idea, but Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism – none of these provide the answer to life’s bigger questions.


    1. Excellent and such a good addition to the general and secondary theme to our reaction to fake Buddhism and Visvapanis nerve. Never mind you make me so nostalgic for school assemblies when we used the songs of the Moody Blues to inspire erudition about the new gods of a more optimistic period than now.


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