4 thoughts on “Rev John Bell of the Iona Community

  1. Rev John quotes something from a source which he pretends to not recall. Then he tells us about the importance of listening, really listening to other people.
    Then, it’s the big reveal (aka the awe-inspiring bit which comes directly from his adherence to his choice of one of the Invisible Magic Friends available on today’s market)… the quotation was from his BBoMS. I know – isn’t it stunning!


  2. The GP looked at her do list; only 100 things left to sort out today. 20 appointments, 10 of which, she was pleased to note, were face to face in the surgery. Then checking and signing off the medications, ringing round hospitals to ask for referrals for those patients who had left contacting the surgery too late because “I didn’t want to cause you extra work”, before a Zoom with the rest of the surgery team about the impossibility of recruiting a new member of staff.
    She had seen recently the Daily Mail’s new campaign to get GPs to see more patients face to face. Not for the first time in her life she had snorted her derision. F******* Daily Mail; when is it going to start a campaign to get the UKs spending on healthcare or number of doctors per thousand patients up to the European average, she thought? Never; that would mean increasing taxes.
    Meanwhile, on the radio in the corner the lilting accent of John Bell from the Wild Goose Chase Group of the Iona Community was doing a good job of making the case for more face to face time with patients. Good man, she thought. Maybe Boris is listening before his conference and might take note. But no, when would Boris ever understand that sensible words are better than gold or corals when up until now in his life he had only ever written lies for wads of cash?


  3. ‘A venerable man was walking down the street when a group of boys jeered at him; they even called him “baldy.” Despite being an adult, who might have just laughed to himself and walked on, the old man was a religious person and he cursed the boys, who were only having a bit of fun. The old man’s Imaginary Magic Friend then sent two bears (yes! Two bears!) which mauled 42 of these children. Served them right, eh?

    A moral tale from Victorian times? One of the Grimm brothers’ blood-thirsty fairy tales?

    Well, you’ll never guess – it was actuallyfrom my BBOMS, just to demonstrate that, far from always being the loving, caring, and fair-minded deity that we all know and love, the IMF of the BBOMS can get quite irate and nasty when he wants to!

    I’m now going to spend some time in quiet contemplation of the wonderful, mysterious ways of my IMF, as is the tradition of the Iona Community.’


  4. We could well have a fruitful discussion about what’s wrong with medical general practice in the UK at the present time. We might well agree with PaulT that successive UK governments have underfunded the NHS and demanded ever more from hard-pressed family doctors. We might also consider the extent to which training at medical schools and perceptions about the nature of general practice have led to the latter being increasingly carried out by female doctors, who are statistically more likely to want to work part-time or to take maternity leave (like my current GP).

    What we won’t get is any relevant or useful advice from the BBoMS, especially when John Bell tells us that “[The Bible’s] most commonly proscribed offence is not about the wrong we do with our bodies, but the hurt we can cause, or the healing we can effect, by our words”. And there was me thinking that much of the BBoMS consists of telling us what we can or can’t do with our bodies, especially the naughty bits, and threatening us with eternal hell-fire if we get it wrong. The utter irrelevance of the religious world-view in general, and TftD in particular, was comprehensively illustrated this morning.


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