3 thoughts on “Tina Beattie, Professor of being Catholic

  1. Exactly right Rev Peter. Yet another “Isn’t Frankie great” homage.
    Beattie makes some interesting points about the differences in approach from the Popeites and Orbanites within the Catholic community towards refugees, Islam and the Jews. But does she make any comments from the position of religion in general which is a required prerequisite of the TFTD slot? I think not. Again it is a Catholic commentator thinking that just mentioning the Pope means that she has fulfilled the ‘religion’ aspect. That’s like talking about the manager of a football team when we want to know about how well the team performed.
    If the Pope is God’s defined ambassador on Earth then how come he doesn’t know exactly what the IMF he represents truly wants? And if he does represent that view then why don’t Catholics all share it? Could it be that the Pope is just another human with no special magical powers or insight into the mind of his IMF?


  2. Yes, another fine display of what Private Eye would call ‘arslikhan’ from Tina Beattie.

    But what exactly is Papa Frankie’s remedy – and therefore hers – for the situation that Hungary has persuaded itself it is in? It seems to boil down to cliches such as trust, reconciliation, shared humanity, and the like. Seasoned politicians can go on about trust and reconciliation until the cows come home. It’s actually doing something about an issue that’s the difficult bit. I don’t recall Tina Beattie ever proposing anything practical in the whole of her TftD career.


  3. As Rev Dr Peter says, “isn’t the Pope just fantastic”. Beattie should try and say a bit more than that on her next TFTD.


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