3 thoughts on “Tim Stanley, blogger, journalist, historian and Catholic

  1. Exactly Rev Peter. On this day when we remember the thousands who died in New York and the hundreds of thousands who died in the following wars, let us not forget that the attack was done in the name of religion. It might be called a perverse version of religion, but that is just word play by those who can’t bring themselves to accept what religious dogma can lead to.
    The priest who was recorded as victim 0001 is a divisive figure in the Catholic Church due to his (probable) homosexuality.


  2. The Weinberg quote is very much to the point. The words used by Tim Stanley to describe the fanaticism behind 9/11 could be applied just as well to his church, once it got its hands on the levers of power. Showing the IMF’s love in those days meant torturing or killing people in order to save their eternal souls.

    Fr Judge may indeed have been a good person – he certainly seems to have been a rather eccentric one – but his heroism on 9/11 appears to have involved rushing to the WTC to pray for people. There were plenty of individuals who did a lot more without needing to consult their faiths, if any. And now that there are plans to canonise this man, we will be faced with the RCC’s convoluted and casuistical procedures designed to ‘prove’ his qualifications for sainthood, although the fact that he didn’t bother to conceal his orientation may still count against him.


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