Rev Dr Michael Banner, Dean and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge

Christianity has spent centuries telling you that suicide is a sin. Modern Christianity, true Christianity, real Christianity now says otherwise. So happy suicide everyone.

6 thoughts on “Rev Dr Michael Banner, Dean and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge

  1. Do you think hes really Dr David Banner and that suddenly hell turn green and become the Incredible Hulk with this outrageous theology? I’d ban it Banner and raise it from no flagpoles.


  2. Why is this issue suddenly so important to Dr Banner and his church? Suicide was decriminalised in this country many years ago (no thanks to traditional Christianity, as Banner had the grace to admit), so the recent report he referred to is strictly irrelevant. It couldn’t have had anything to do with this story, could it:

    Yes, people who might be at risk of suicide need sympathy and help. They also want a society whose rules don’t end up driving them towards ending their own lives. Religion still has a lot to answer for, as the tragic story above illustrates. And while we are at it, we could do with a more sympathetic attitude towards assisted dying, although that’s the last thing we can expect from any of the supposedly compassionate religions in this country.


    1. Would that a clergyman of the frankness and conscience of Chad Varah were appearing in this slot instead of the obsequiously named Rev Dr Banner . Chad Varah founded the Samaritans after witnessing the suicide of a girl who had decided to kill herself once she had her period . He presided over a staff of persons who made it their business to comfort and listen to the suicidal and he also developed a very helpful attitude to sexual confusion and was probably the salvation of many unable to understand the Churchs vast problem with human sexuality .Varah incidentally also believed in reincarnation. How his organisation will fare now that he gone could be answered by having one of their number appear on this special day instead of people like Rev Banner.


    2. Ah, okay, thanks DD. It might have helped if Dr Banner had mentioned it himself.

      Completely agree with Jason about Chad Varah.


  3. I thought this an interesting thought as the link to religion was very much to criticise it.
    I’ve wondered in the past about Christianity’s lack of compassion to suicide victims. Banner adds a lumpy area of the graveyard full of others unfortunate to have upset the church authorities by dying when still babies or impoverished and unable to help with the upkeep of the church.
    It always struck me as strange that Christianity was so negative about those committing suicide when that is virtually what Jesus does by going to Jerusalem when he knows he is a wanted man. He had to allow his own death so that he could be resurrected to fulfil the old prophesies – isn’t that a type of suicide?


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