The Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

And in the Big News today from a Faith Perspective, there’s a Big Jewish Festival coming up. Happy Jewish New Year everyone! Afghan refugees. Ancestry and tradition, especially Jewish tradition, is so important.

6 thoughts on “The Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

  1. This Rabbi rabbits on about the trivia of his religion but thinks he can advise on the conversion to British citizenship of Afghan refugees One mans Tradition is another mans Extradition and I dont want any of this Hebrew hacks homely wisdom to form my Thoughts for the Day.


  2. This was the first opportunity to respond to the IICSA report from a Jewish perspective – and guess what: nothing.

    Fingers in the ears, la la la la.


    1. Hear hear there has been a real embargo on saying anything pertinent about that report. The Jews are afraid of the truth. Some of their schools are torture chambers and we should be told about them.


    2. Indeed. Ephraim Mirvis is the Chief Rabbi: the senior Jewish authority in the UK. So it’s surprising that he seems to have nothing to say about the ultra-Orthodox leader Paltiel Schwarcz, who has said that reporting suspected Jewish child sex offenders to the police is a severe sin.

      The only bit of this vanilla Thought that caught my attention was the idea of hiding bits of traditional festival meals all over the house and garden and sending out the younger members of the family to find them. I might try this one out at Christmas.


  3. ‘Only we Jews have the advantage of tradition; being able to trace an unbroken line in our families all the way back to Abraham. All that heritage in our ancient roots just makes us so much better than all you shallow, capricious, ungrounded people with no historic background like ours (even if little of it actually happened as we would like to think it did). So that makes us Jews just so much better people.

    ‘What child sexual abuse investigation? On yer bike.’


  4. Sending little’uns to search around the house is a good way to find skeletons in the closet so the Rabbi’s idea definitely won’t catch on in the secretive religious house.


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