3 thoughts on “Dr Chetna Kang, Psychiatrist and Hindu Priest in the Bhakti Yoga/Vaisnava tradition

  1. Embarrassing head-in-the-clouds piffle.
    Dr Chetna’s blue magic friend may make her happy but it’s wise to keep such things to yourself.


  2. There being no news today, apparently, to discuss from a religious perspective, let me treat you to a short essay that I wrote for my year 7 religious studies ‘show and tell’ many years ago. As you can tell from my excited delivery of this great news (and none of this is made up by the way) it’s a great time to have a festival to thank my god for his greatness. And did I say, everyone loved him when he was a cheeky little chap. I might have already said that, but I ran out of ideas after a minute and a half, which was all my ‘show and tell’ was all those years ago.


  3. So it’s not just Christians and Muslims who are prepared to exploit the sufferings of real people in order to make a point about their own special IMF.

    Still, the Lord Krishna, eh? Even though he was entirely legendary, we’re told that he was miraculously conceived, had a royal genealogy, was threatened with death by a wicked ruler, was a human incarnation of a triune IMF, was tempted by the devil, worked miracles, was transfigured, and predicted his own death. 

    Remind you of anyone?


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