2 thoughts on “Mona Siddiqui, professor of Islamic studies, New College, University of Edinburgh

  1. Interesting that Prof Siddiqui says that “When a regime speaks of implementing Sharia, it can often be a shortcut for wanting to rule with absolute control, fear and oppression.” Surely that should have been “always” not “often”. And as she warns, in another generation this Taliban regime will have implemented a history that says what they did was right, as their pre-medieval ideas are all that will be left.
    Suggesting the BBoMS line “God doesn’t change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves” seems a religious cop out when the secularisation that will now be expunged is exactly that sort of change. Yet God allows his zealots back in? Surely, one would have to think, given this outcome, that from a religious point of view those ‘positive’ changes weren’t what her IMF wanted after all.
    As always with Prof Siddiqui though, you get the impression she has no time for religious zealots like the Taliban.


  2. I agree that Mona makes her position fairly clear, probably as clear as she dares to, given her status as a representative of Islam in public in the UK. In particular, she implies that she disapproves of Sharia-based government, without quite saying why. As has been noted many times before, there is no Islam-wide authority that can pronounce on matters of doctrine and practice. So the likes of the Taliban – and, come to that, Al Qaeda, IS and the rest of them – can assert that what they are doing is perfectly in line with Islamic orthodoxy, without anyone else having the power – or the guts – to call them out.

    So what can the rest of us do? I suppose we could start by calling out Islamism – not Islam, but its oppressive political manifestations – for what it is. Easier said than done, given the current excessive sensitivity towards other cultures and beliefs.


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