Very Nearly Rev Hannah Malcolm, project co-ordinator at God and the Big Bang, 2019 Theology Slam winner

The Invisible Magic Friend has decided to send another earthquake to the people of Haiti. We mustn’t blame the victim, but the suffering is all our fault.

I learned that in my theology class. Pretty neat, eh?

You’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “Very Nearly Rev Hannah Malcolm, project co-ordinator at God and the Big Bang, 2019 Theology Slam winner

  1. Have we entered an alternative reality where barking-mad street preacher-style thinking is now acceptable on TFTD?
    The Very Nearly Rev likes to believe her Invisible Magic Friend didn’t cause the tragic earthquake and it’s obviously not helping the rescue & clean-up operations so what does it do apart from give her warm feelings and get her a place on national radio?
    This sort of theo-babble will drive down the dwindling numbers of UK Christians even further…
    …so, thanks, Beeb, keep ’em coming.


  2. If anyone wants an example of the stunning level of convoluted, square-circling mental acrobatics to which theobabbling apologists will stoop to try and convince us – and themselves – that there is a pious escape hatch out of the problem of ‘natural evil’, then there’s no better than this TFTD.

    This made Giles look like an amateur.


  3. Shorn of all the theobabble, Hannah Malcolm’s points seem to be that manmade climate change has made the effects of natural disasters such as earthquakes that much worse; and that the rest of the world isn’t doing enough to help. She might have added that for decades the Haitians have suffered under a series of corrupt, incompetent and superstitious governments (compare Haiti with the Dominican Republic, which shares the island of Hispaniola, and which has had the fastest-growing economy in the West for the past 25 years [Wikipedia]).

    So where does the IMF come in? Where was it when a church collapsed onto a congregation celebrating massed weddings and baptisms, killing dozens of people? There was a clip on last night’s news of a bereaved man saying, in effect, ‘Why should I believe in God any more?’ Why indeed. The likes of Hannah Malcolm need to face up to the likelihood that their IMF doesn’t exist, except as a meme in some people’s brains, and is certainly not going to lift a finger to help with any of our problems. We’re on our own.


  4. Ah, the difficult philosophical idea for the religious of natural evil.
    No natural phenomenon is evil, it can only be seen as evil by the human mind when it causes a problem for humans. As a species we have learnt that natural and other risks can be mitigated by planning ahead.
    Adding a supernatural aspect to the problem so we are asked to wonder why our IMF would allow such a thing to happen is unnecessary.
    Cheap earthquake proof buildings would help, but if the builders can’t afford, or don’t know how to make them, then we will continue to see deaths from collapsed buildings.
    Of course, there is always the option of praying, but despite thousands of years of experimentation this has yet to been shown to have any use but is still offered instead of practical measures by the likes of Ms Malcolm.


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