4 thoughts on “Mona Siddiqui, professor of Islamic studies, New College, University of Edinburgh

  1. Not much religious content in Mona’s rather obvious effort today although I would agree that the terrible loss of lives is a tragedy.
    I would dispute her phrase that water is a driving force in life. Evolution has allowed basic cell life forms to use water and “from so simple a beginning, endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved”.
    I was also intrigued by her comment “The gradual and disruptive effects of climate change and our relative unwillingness to appreciate the sheer force and rhythm of the natural world will continue to overwhelm us”. Well, maybe if you are religious you are unwilling to appreciate those things and continue to blame natural disasters on the sins of homosexuals and the disbelief of atheists. Those using reason and evidence know that natural disasters are just regularly occurring events due to the processes of geology and weather where humans just happen to get in the way.
    Ooh, look, a comet. There must be an earthquake coming! Or could it be two tectonic plates on their continual slow waltz around the planet?


  2. If water really was a gift from the IMF, you’d think that it might have managed its distribution a bit more equitably. There is a big row brewing between Ethiopia, which is damming the Nile to create a major hydroelectric plant, and Egypt and Sudan, which rely on the Nile’s flow for agriculture and drinking water. Syria and Iraq are in drought because the Euphrates is running low. All the countries along the Mekong are in hock to China, which has dammed the river extensively and can control its flow whenever it wants. India and Pakistan depend on water from rivers fed by Himalayan glaciers, which might not be around much longer. Not one of the religions of any of these countries has anything useful or relevant to say on the subject, except maybe “Pray!” Good luck with that.


    1. The IMF’s ‘bountiful’ nature put into perspective perfectly. Not forgetting that the same IMF was happy to use water as a weapon of mass destruction when it chose. Strange how the BBOMS is silent on the matter of fresh water and salt water being mixed up in the IMF’s world-submerging flood – destroying the environments of both fresh and seawater dwelling creatures. We must assume, also, that Noah had some sort of desalination plant aboard the ark to water all that livestock; otherwise he would have had an Ancient Mariner moment…


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