8 thoughts on “Tom McLeish, Physicist, Professor of Natural Philosophy, University of York, and oh yes, Anglican Lay Preacher

  1. Utter bunkum. According to McLeish, his BBOMS has been a constant source of unfolding knowledge about the natural world. Well, it hasn’t. Quite the opposite. It is the work of scientists, proposing, testing, and putting forward evidence – and being prepared to change their views when proved wrong – that has informed us of the way the world works – and most importantly how human beings form just a part of the evolutionary process. None of this can be deduced from studying Mr McLeish’s scriptures, which date from an era when it was believed that the sun moved whilst the (flat) earth stood still. Any unusual occurrences were seen as ominous – eclipses, freak weather conditions – and most likely the punishment of an annoyed or angry IMF. Thus the great flood. If McLeish had wanted to make a parallel with scripture this morning then what better one could there have been? Except, of course, the distressing inundations in China, and Europe would have to have been the actions of a wrathful IMF punishing the sinful behaviour of his wayward, disobedient people; which would (to say the least) sit uncomfortably with the devastated communities which have suffered such destruction and loss. And the last thing McLeish or any of his kind would want is any blame to fall upon his loving, caring, creator IMF.


  2. I didn’t know that ‘apocalypse’ meant revelation so thanks for the info, Preacher Tom.
    Mind you, usage is more important than definition or derivation so when I hear ‘apocalypse’ now [sorry], I’ll assume the standard meaning of catastrophe, destruction, etc.


  3. Mendacious balderdash, devastatingly taken down by Liverpudlian. And this person is supposed to be a philosopher. I am reminded of Sir Peter Medawar’s comment on that old fraud Teilhard de Chardin: “he can be excused of dishonesty only on the grounds that before deceiving others he has taken great pains to deceive himself”.


    1. “And this person is supposed to be a philosopher.”

      It depends what you call a “philosopher”. Some universities still call their physics departments “Natural Philosophy”. He’s a physicist – not that that makes things any better.


      1. Yes, sorry, my mistake. Being a physicist and misrepresenting the way science works is much less forgivable than being a philosopher and not knowing in the first place.


  4. Being a good scientist who lives in York, McLeish should know that York has suffered catastrophic flooding in the past but of course, it was probably well before any humans lived in the area. Briefly, after the ice age a huge moraine (debris at a glacier’s snout) was left across the Vale of York causing a large lake to form behind it. This moraine still forms the Mound in York. At some point the moraine was breached and the water flooded out through the are where York now stands, the meltwater channels as shown on this map – https://pygs.lyellcollection.org/content/57/3-4/145/tab-figures-data.
    Luckily for us, as McLeish says, we have received “gifts of science, bestowed by generations past” which help us understand the immense time scale of the geological history of our world. Some scientists, remarkably, are unwilling to recognise the rather obvious fact that as humans we are just passing through for a few million years and were not created by an IMF to “cherish the earth and make it fruitful”.


    1. It’s late, I know, but I was puzzled by that alleged first commandment to “cherish the earth and make it fruitful”. Meant to look it up, but didn’t get round to it. The words “citation needed” came to mind, though.


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