Rev Marie-Elsa Roche Bragg, author, priest, therapist and Duty Chaplain of Westminster Abbey

Happy nearly Freedom Day everyone! We’ll soon be free, Free, FREE I tell you! Apart from those who are dead that is.

I’d love to mention the Invisible Magic Friend but there isn’t time.

2 thoughts on “Rev Marie-Elsa Roche Bragg, author, priest, therapist and Duty Chaplain of Westminster Abbey

  1. A totally religion free TftD. And no, saying ‘do unto others as you’d have them do to you’ does not make it religious. There’s a massive issue here, the tension between those who will want to exercise their ‘freedoms’ unrestricted from Monday versus those of us who, for many different reasons, need to continue keeping safe. This was glossed over in one sentence as if of no consequence. She massively missed the point and just waffled pointlessly in a voice she doubtless imagined was reassuring.

    A later news item said that Jim Al-khalili has taken the Templeton shilling. Not enough info to know what to make of that, but it usually means the receiver has had to compromise their integrity to some degree, in terms of genuflecting towards ‘the spiritual’.


    1. Yes, I heard that bit too. He’s to head up an international team of theoretical physicists, biologists, chemists and philosophers (!) to investigate the quantum nature of time. Templeton’s stumped up £2.1m: nice work if you can get it. The trouble with Templeton’s millions, quite apart from the danger of recipients having to kowtow to their accommodationist line, is that they crowd out other, more worthwhile endeavours. If Al-khalili and co are being paid so much to look into this question, they will presumably not have enough time to do any other research. Plus presumably Templeton will have some sort of say about what gets published and where.

      I agree with you about Rev Roche Bragg, who spent too much time on her anecdote about drama helping people to feel better, and too little on the real-world implications of what’s going to happen on Monday. The Beeb should have invited her Dad on instead of her. At least he’d get to some sort of point in under three minutes.


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