Rev Dr Isabelle Hamley, Theological advisor to the House of Bishops

There’s always hope for the future provided we do something about it. This is where Christianity is so important. Without Christianity no one would ever think about doing something for the future.


6 thoughts on “Rev Dr Isabelle Hamley, Theological advisor to the House of Bishops

  1. Hearty’s Law: The relevance of a ‘thought’ is in inverse proportion to the amount of religious content.

    A reasonable discussion, contaminated by the injection of the phrase “as a Christian”.

    I’m doing TftD today. What shall I talk about? Yes, that seems reasonable and useful. Hang on, it’s supposed to be from a religious perspective. I know, I’ll tell them I did it AS A CHRISTIAN. It’s something any reasonable and well motivated person might have done, but let’s claim it for Jesus; and we get to feel a slight frisson of smugness into the bargain. Which is hardly ‘Christian’ I suppose. Oh dear….


  2. Isabelle Hamley didn’t name the charity set up by her friend for supporting children and families in Syrian camps. There are a lot of different ones already active, from the well-known relief charities to less prominent specialist ones. Their staff and supporters are, no doubt, all motivated by empathy, compassion and pity. None of these human attributes are exclusively Christian; all of them are universal, and are to be found among people ‘of all faiths and none’, as the tired old cliché has it. So what was the uniquely faith-based perspective again?

    The Rev Hamley tells us that “to build a future we must let go of the past”. That’s an idea. Which relic of the past would it benefit us most to jettison, I wonder?


    1. Judging by the output of the Bishops we are favoured with on TftD, their knowledge about the doctrine, Biblical origins, and historical plausibility of their faith is about on a par with that of the most credulous parish curate. Mind you, I’m not sure that the Rev Hamley’s is much better. Talk about the blind leading the blind…..


    2. I think this must have been the job advert as it was filled last November.

      “You will have the ability to think and write clearly, analytically, strategically and creatively on complex issues”. I think this means that if there is a tricky theological issue, let’s say how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, you have to use your knowledge of what Jesus said in the bible to say “As a Christian I believe….”


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