7 thoughts on “Vishvapani (formerly Simon Blomfield), member of the Triratna Order (formerly the Western Buddhist Order)

  1. “Guess what – most folk’s concept of ‘Freedom’ isn’t as good as the one Buddhism claims for itself. Because…it just isn’t. Just imagine if most folk’s concept of ‘Freedom’ was as good as the one Buddhism claims for itself – Buddhism would be superfluous, wouldn’t it? So, think on…”


  2. Irrespective of his actual premises, I thought Vish Vapani suitably fulfilled the TFTD brief this morning. Perhaps his subject, Liberty, was not that high up on the scale of today’s news items, but it was there, and he then launched directly into how liberty is perceived in the terms of his faith. There were no time-wasting anecdotes, no self-aggrandising references to Shakespeare or other authors and philosophers (AAA take note). Instead he clearly outlined liberty in Buddhist terms. Further, I found it interesting Рmainly because he stuck to his theme and put it clearly and without compromise. A good effort altogether.


  3. Off Topic, I’ve noticed a lot in the press recently about the pope being in hospital to have part of his colon removed. I wondered why he hadn’t prayed to one of his recently created saints to intercede with god on his behalf. He could have prayed to one of the saints in waiting and fast tracked them to sainthood. What a missed opportunity.


    1. Thanks for the info. How many bits of the colon will appear in RCC churches in the coming years? Even if the hospital disposes of it properly, the relic creators will be in full production before we know it.
      Get well soon, Papa Frankie.


  4. Yes, this was a well-presented, cheerful Thought from the more civilised end of the Buddhist spectrum. (Other manifestations of Buddhism are available: see Burma, Sri Lanka, etc ad nauseam).

    Even if we enjoy complete freedom from external coercion, what then does ‘freedom’ mean? The arguments about free will continue to engage much better minds than mine. But most modern philosophers, and pretty well all scientists who study the human brain, reject the idea of ‘contra-causal’ free will, ie that at any given decision point one could have chosen to do something different.

    That idea is at the core of Christian doctrine. If it is false, as most rational people should concede (even if they are not ‘hard’ determinists), then a key plank of Christianity vanishes before our eyes.


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