Fearsomely Reverend James Jones, ex-Lord Bishop of Liverpool and Bishop of Prisons

I was all ready to deliver my happy sermon about how happy Jesus was that England had won. Sadly, I must now deliver my sad sermon, about how sad Jesus is that Italy won. This, despite the Italian players so ostentatiously blessing themselves all over the place. Who do they think they are?

The Invisible Magic Friend, all three of them, are a diverse, polychromatic, trinity, of male and female, gay and straight, black and white. Just like the England football team. Their enemy is the Invisible Magic Baddy, just like Italy.


5 thoughts on “Fearsomely Reverend James Jones, ex-Lord Bishop of Liverpool and Bishop of Prisons

  1. Very rare for a TftD bloviator to mention their cult’s bizarre assertion that there are three bits to their god-creature whilst at the same time just being one single Magic Friend. How’s that work then? Stated as a matter of self evident fact and quickly glossed over. More a comedy spot than a moment for serious reflection.


  2. Yep, as soon as the ridiculous concept of the “Trinity” is introduced, it’s inevitable his words will collapse into gibberish.

    Standard TFTD fare, then.


  3. “Before the cock crows twice, thou shalt miss a penalty thrice”.

    Only 497 days to go until next year’s World Cup in sunny, freedom-loving Qatar. Think of all the ammunition that’s going to give the TftD pundits to use in drawing wildly improbable comparisons between football and their respective doctrines or BBoMS.

    James Jones concluded today’s Thought by ‘hoping’ that evil and injustice won’t prevail against the combined might of the Three Lions that make up the IMF. That’s a bit downbeat, isn’t it? Surely he should be expressing boundless confidence, just like all the experts were doing before yesterday’s match.


  4. I think the bishop must have forgotten he was talking on a news programme to an educated adult audience. Did I really hear him say with no embarrassment that his god is made up of three parts?
    Where was the BBC fact checking?
    I thought I was deluded expecting England to win the Euros but Jones has real issues.


  5. I think a lot of people have sought happiness ‘through being free to be who they really are’ for many centuries. Unfortunately the biggest obstacles and oppressive, even deadly reactions to those trying to be themselves, are the mores and conventions of societies founded on religious texts. The Bishop appeared to have forgotten that.

    He also introduced a notion I’d not heard of before, stating that his tri-partite IMF entered the world to ‘reconcile warring factions.’ Hitherto I thought your man Jesus (1/3rd IMF) became incarnate to save ‘us’ from our sins. Can’t imagine which warring factions he reconciled, though there have been plenty since, warring over just what JC said or meant.

    @StephenJP – I smiled at your quote as it reminded me of a rather pompous clergyman I heard once, putting his all into declaiming the Good Friday scriptures. Relating Peter’s denial, he built up to a dramatic finale, with ‘as Peter denied his Master for a third time…. the crow cocked twice!’


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