Akhandadhi Das, a Vaishnav Hindu teacher and theologian

Hurrah! Freedom day is almost here.

We will now balance freedom against responsibility, just like Hinduism has said all along. And look what a big success that’s been in India.

Individuals will now be personally responsible for the safety of others. They will calculate the probability of having the virus, the circumstances in which it is likely that they will pass it on, the chances that passing it on will kill the person next to them, and then, taking due consideration for the rights and well being of others, decide whether the risk of death to other people is acceptable or not.

Meanwhile, irresponsible people will laugh in your face when you ask them to wear a mask and will tell you, ever so politely, to fornicate off.


4 thoughts on “Akhandadhi Das, a Vaishnav Hindu teacher and theologian

  1. “I’ll just summarise a Government briefing you watched on the BBC a couple of nights ago and throw in the word ‘karma’ somewhere. Job done; that will be about £90.00 of tax-payers’ money, please”.


  2. And in other news: it will no longer be compulsory for drivers to have a driving licence, nor insurance. Said a government spokes-person: “It’s a matter of personal responsibility rather than government diktat. Individuals are the ones best placed to assess their own abilities. We have confidence that they will do what’s best for both themselves and their community”.


    1. …and we will leave it up to the “common sense” of people whose idea of personal responsibility is to smoke, refuse to wear seat belts and travel at more than the speed limit. Hey, don’t tell me what to do mate, I’m a sovereign individual.


  3. The Rev Dr has said it all, really. I would just note that Akhandadhi Das concluded by telling us that if we have a choice between being truthful and being kind, it’s better to be kind.

    Is this really a key tenet of Vaishnav Hindu theology? And, whether it is or not, is this always the best advice to give people, even in the middle of a pandemic that has left many of them feeling fearful? Being tactful and telling little white lies has its place, of course, but on balance we’re better off knowing the truth than believing falsehoods.


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