3 thoughts on “Ven Elizabeth Adekunle, Anglican Priest and Chaplain, St John’s College Cambridge

  1. Dull, pedestrian stuff, mainly a statement-of-the-bleedin’-obvious. ‘Oh, and a bloke in the Bible said love each other, be hospitable, and share; and my quoting this qualifies me to speak to you this morning, occupying a valuable three minutes of prime air time. You’re welcome.’


  2. Three minutes of repeated ‘fwiends’ and ‘fwiendship’ puts one in mind of nothing so much as Violet Elizabeth Bott.

    And, with the whole of the BBoMS to ransack, all the Ven Elizabeth could find on the subject of ‘fwiendship’ was a line from the first letter of Peter. Which was not written by Peter, as she asserted; and nor was it written to ‘the disciples’ (it was written to a number of diaspora churches in Asia Minor). You’d think a Cambridge chaplain would be able to find something a bit more appropriate.


  3. Our Ven looks to humans for friendship (which is not surprising to the IMF-less) but she doesn’t mention her IMF as being a friend. Is that because you can’t be friends with a judgemental, punishing, voyeuristic, invisible entity? I think we should be told.


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