3 thoughts on “Akhandadhi Das, a Vaishnav Hindu teacher and theologian

  1. “Today I’m going to discuss the human feeling of ‘Gratitude’ – Part #2,638 of Things You’ve Already Figured Out For Yourself But For Which Hinduism Requires Additional Performative Humblebragging”


  2. I was very pleased with England’s win last night but to whom should I be grateful? the team? – Southgate? – the inventors of football [were they Indian, Graham? :-)]?
    How do I share that gratitude with anyone not pleased by the result? Keeping quiet would be the kindest & smartest thing.
    And as for honey bees gathering “only as much nectar as he needs”, they’re greedy for pollen and probably can’t feel gratitude so this felt like hastily written filler.


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