Rev John Bell of the Iona Community

The naughtiness of the ex-Health Secretary is similar to the fictional story of David in the Big Book of Magic Stuff. David sends his lover’s husband to certain death and the Invisible Magic Friend is not pleased. This tells us that being an immoral, evil, selfish hypocrite is a BAD thing, which we probably wouldn’t have known otherwise.

As punishment, the Invisible Magic Friend killed David’s baby but let him stay king.

5 thoughts on “Rev John Bell of the Iona Community

  1. Thanks for unravelling that one for us Rev Peter. I was having a hard time holding on to my sanity. David’s baby killed? I think he forgot to mention that bit. I wonder why?


  2. The tenor of Bell’s theme here seemed to be that the all-seeing IMF will always find out your sins and punish you, a notion that has been peddled by Bell’s church for centuries. This convenience of having a ‘scary all-seeing and vengeful deity’ to bring misery into the lives of ordinary people, engendering feelings of guilt and fear for the merest peccadillo, has not been lost on the rich and powerful who have used it to keep hoy poloy in their place, whilst frequently committing the crimes of their own choice with impunity.

    In modern societies it is more a matter of conscience that keeps society’s rules and makes for fairness; and a system of expected behaviours supported where necessary by the law that – if not entirely guaranteeing order and justice – serve to make society generally caring and fair. It’s about being civilised, and not depending on the wielding of a fearsome god as a stick to beat people with. (Sorry for ending on a preposition – but some rules can bear a little bit of bending!).


  3. Apart from the small matter of completely wrecking two families and the lives of six children, the thing that’s really disturbing about Hancock’s liaison is the ease with which he got his paramour into the DoH and eventually onto its Board. This on top of not declaring his family’s interests in companies looking for health contracts, and giving a PPE deal to the proprietor of his local pub. This has all helped to contribute to the serious erosion of trust in Government and other institutions, which others have commented on here.

    A secondary issue is what a surveillance camera was doing in Hancock’s room in the first place, and how the DoH employee who leaked it to The Sun (who no doubt sees himself or herself as a ‘whistleblower’) had access to the imagery. There are some places where security should come before openness, and one of them is a Minister’s Private Office.

    Slightly O/T: Grumpy Giles was on the Today Programme just before 9am defending his view (in Unherd: ) that Hancock shouldn’t have been sacked for hypocrisy because we’re all at it. Maybe he thinks that if, unlike the mythical King David, we all did exactly what the IMF wants us to do all the time, we wouldn’t have this problem.


  4. Turning to the OT for guidance on matters of morality always seems risky for any Christian TFTDer. A text that is clearly a mixture of possibly true but mainly mythic Jewish history which also includes such fairy tales as the creation story and Noah’s ark is hardly something to be proud of or to live your life by in the 21st century.


  5. On which note, I can highly recommend Hemant Mehta “The Friendly Atheist” on YouTube. He has already gone through the entire book of Genesis pointing out everything wrong with it and is now into Exodus. His latest video (he does one every week) is “Everything wrong with Exodus 23 in the Bible”.


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