Rev Dr Rob Marshall, Priest at St John the Evangelist, Welwyn Garden City

Child obesity is a problem. The Invisible Magic Friend’s Holy Virus has made this worse. This is where theology is so important. No one would dream of tackling childhood obesity without proper theology.

2 thoughts on “Rev Dr Rob Marshall, Priest at St John the Evangelist, Welwyn Garden City

  1. Paediatric Indoctrination – The Rev Mr Marshall touches on a serious problem in relation to the exploitation of children and young people by purveyors of unhealthy food, usually of the ‘fast’ variety.

    I would extend his concerns about vulnerable youngsters being ‘sitting targets’ to unwanted exploitation by adding religious indoctrination. At present, although children may not encounter much religious propaganda on TV, their schools are by law required to push religion in the assembly hall and classroom, and as we know all too well, individual religious faiths and sects are at liberty to establish schools where their own particular brand of woo-woo forms a core ‘ethos.’ That these schools often show impressive levels of achievement is generally put forward as a reason to keep and even promote them; whereas the fact that they are highly selective is usually overlooked. What’s more, government funding underpins these establishments.

    Reducing childhood obesity is a serious objective, which Marshall rightly highlights (though his ‘faith perspective’ on the issue was less than impressive). It’s time that our education system is made religion free also. If children ultimately choose to follow a faith, that is their choice to make. It is not the job of our schools to bolster untruths and all the misleading, unhealthy and indeed dangerous teachings (e.g. anti-LGBT) of organised religion. There are still schools where creationism is offered as a serious alternative to evolution. This is not acceptable.


  2. Rob Marshall is on the ball with his diagnosis, and quite right to say that something must be done about child obesity and the plethora of fast-food ads on social media. If he had been a little more explicit as to exactly what, instead of asking ‘What more can I do? What can any of us do?’, his Thought might have been even more to the point.

    Rob also told us that he gets his sense of love and compassion through reading the Christian bit of the BBoMS; and also that Jesus said that words and actions make a difference. Where do the rest of us get our sense of love and compassion from, I wonder; and would we believe that words and actions are completely ineffectual if Jesus hadn’t shown us the way? Rob mentioned various statements related to food that were put into the mouth of Jesus; but he strangely omitted the verse where Jesus tells his gang not to wash their hands before eating. Ran out of time, I expect.


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