Rev Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James Piccadilly, handy for Fortnum and Mason

Some have grown wealthy, as their house value increased, during the Invisible Magic Friend’s Holy Virus. I don’t wish to judge such people, but you’re a bunch of selfish bastards! And Jesus agrees with me, so I’m right.

2 thoughts on “Rev Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James Piccadilly, handy for Fortnum and Mason

  1. A pity that Lucy didn’t mention that within the exploitative rentier system she deplores, one of the biggest participants is her own church. Indeed, the proceeds from the landowning, property owning C of E pay Lucy’s stipend, and will pay her pension. Motes and planks, Lucy; motes and planks.

    The attempts of the Diggers and Levellers, and indeed the later Chartists, were based on what might be seen as the core Christian tenets of equality and mutual responsibility for others – tenets not particularly evident in the Church of those days (which was happily involved in slavery) and which certainly didn’t throw its support behind groups upholding these central elements of Jesus’s teaching, which it had conveniently overlooked itself. Funny, that!


  2. OK, let’s take Lucy Winkett at her word. Property is theft. Nobody should own any land at all. We should hold it all in common and work it or build on it cooperatively. And in doing so we should cooperate to keep it fertile, productive and, no doubt, fully organic. We will, of course, do all this voluntarily, without coercion of any kind. Not even the original Diggers managed to do that successfully for very long.

    Maybe Lucy didn’t mean to go quite so far. Maybe there’s a case for ownership of land and property. As Liverpudlian points out, the CofE is not opposed to property ownership in itself. So, Lucy, how much is too much? And, more importantly, exactly what is your solution to the issue of inequity in housing? A lot of TftD speakers are all too keen to diagnose and expose the faults of society; not many of them are prepared to tell us what they would do instead.


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