Rev Dr Michael Banner, Dean and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge

It turns out you really can die of a broken heart. This is exactly what the Big Book of Magic Stuff said, which just proves how right we were all along. And while science can’t cure grief, if only you’d believe in an Invisible Magic Friend then you’d be absolutely delighted at the loss of a loved one. You just have to look at how jolly Christian funerals are.

5 thoughts on “Rev Dr Michael Banner, Dean and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge

  1. “You just have to look at how jolly Christian funerals are.”
    Banner tells us faith will give us “comfort, hope and the beginnings of new life”. The slow recovery from grief happens at the same pace for Christians as for ‘normal’ people.
    Maybe all funerals should be delayed for, say, 12 months so that comforted & hopeful believers could show their joy while those without such divine help will be distressed anew.


  2. Ah yes, Christian funerals. “In sure and certain hope of resurrection”. If it’s sure and certain you don’t need hope, if you need hope then it’s not sure and certain. Casuistry, aka self serving b*sh.


  3. As soon as that story surfaced, it was a racing certainty that someone would pick it up and try to use it to shore up their own metaphors. If it hadn’t been Banner it would have been one of the others. Not having much in the way of hard facts to go on themselves, they are bound to latch on to anything from the real world that happens to fit in with their myths.

    And how amazing that Jesus should have been made to say ‘My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?’, just like the writer of Psalm 22 did! What a coincidence! Well, not really: the author of ‘Mark’ based large parts of his narrative, including the whole of the Passion tale, on a number of the Psalms. His Gospel bears about as much relation to reality as the ‘Narnia’ stories do.


  4. The article on which he based this TFTD is here –
    As usual, one of my first thoughts was, why would an all knowing, all powerful being create a condition in humans who are already suffering that would cause them to suffer more. What went wrong in the creation process that caused this error. Surely an IMF wouldn’t deliberately put this sort of design together would it? To make life even harder than it may already be, for no reason. Surely not.
    Once you get into that thought process then the only logical answer, unless you are religious, is that we, as human, were not designed and are simply another creature that has evolved. There is no supernatural element in our existence.
    And, yes, for the religious there may be hope in their belief, but my sure and certain hope is that I never have to go to another dirge-like Christian funeral in my life.


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