6 thoughts on “Mona Siddiqui, professor of Islamic studies, New College, University of Edinburgh

    1. Oh, I LIKE that!

      It has a certain ring to it. Although I’m slightly peeved that I didn’t actually think of it myself.

      Still, there’s plenty of precedence in the history of science. The Klein-Gordon equation was discovered by Schrodinger, and Feynman Path Integrals were invented by Dirac. So I’m in really good company in taking the credit for someone else’s idea.

      I encourage everyone to talk about Hearty’s Law with all their friends.


    1. And to you too.

      Reminds me of my Dad. Whenever Jehovah’s Witnesses or other evangelising groups called, he’d tell them he was more inclined to agree with “primitive” views such as sun and moon worshippers – at least they could see the sun [though given the weather today, that may be a stretch 🙂 ]


  1. Feels more like the winter solstice at the moment. Have a good one, anyway, everybody.

    Mona talks good sense, as usual. Yet her allusions to her own and other people’s faith imply that trust in other people, and in the institutions of society, are the same sort of thing as trust in an IMF. They’re not. Trust in an IMF is not based on evidence; and, to the true believer, that trust is never shaken, no matter how many times the IMF fails to act, or doesn’t answer prayers or supplication. If the believer’s prayers aren’t answered, it must be because she was to blame in some way.

    Trust in other people, or in institutions, does depend on evidence: that they keep their word, deliver what they promise, and don’t rip us off. If that trust turns out to be misplaced, it can be very difficult to regain. One of many reasons to be worried about what is happening to some of our own institutions, particularly Government, at the moment.


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